What Is Obodo and How to Use It: A Beginner’s Guide Pt 1

Obodo barter featured image

Obodo, an online marketplace for the people of Middle East based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates that utilizes Artificial Intelligence to find matches for the items that you’ve barter listed in accordance with the barter preferences specified.   Bringing a modern spin of the barter system, Obodo recreates real-life-like auction scenarios for barter trades as users … Read more

Obodo Shortlisted for Most Innovative Tech Solution of 2022

Obodo Nomination The barter buy and sell marketplace, Obodo, was nominated and shortlisted by Entrepreneur Tech Innovation Awards 2022 for “The most innovative tech solution of the year” and covered by Entrepreneur.com, with an average monthly traffic of over 12 million unique visitors and a yearly traffic of 100 million unique visitors. While we did … Read more


Obodo is a barter trade and buy-and-sell platform with a range of product listings. It connects sellers, traders, and buyers to help them list products for sale, find matches for barter trades and more. What are you waiting for? Download our app today!