What Is Obodo and How to Use It: A Beginner’s Guide Pt 2

Following the creation of a post and setting a barter preference for your product the next step is to use our A.I.- powered matching system to find matches to your barter product and add them to offers.

1. Add Items from Matching to Your Offers List

matching offers screenshot from Obodo App

After you know what you have to offer and exactly what you need/want in a barter situation find the item from the matching list and add it to offers page.

Obodo’s A.I technology makes use of your barter preferences to find the best matches across the Obodo community.

The results are all listed in the matching tab of your barter item. 

2. Overview of Offers

offers screenshot Obodo App

In offers page, you can send barter deals to other parties.

As well as responding to deals by either

    • Accepting the initial offer
    • Editing the offer and sending back the offer with the new trade terms
    • Outright rejecting the offer

2.1. Offers List

When an offer is added from matching, a default deal is set up considering the evaluation prices of the items up for trade. 

When the goods are valued less than the desired item, the party of the trade receives a cash figure under the Give section.

 Otherwise, the cash figure appears under the Take section along with the product you’ll be receiving.

offers in barter deal with Give or Take cash incentives image

2.2. Edit Offers

Clicking Edit Offer, opens the Response to Edit dialog.

The Edit dialog allows users to enter a differing amount from the default evaluation.

As stated above, the valuations set by each barter of their item are taken into consideration when generating matches. 

The edit feature can be useful in a number of situations.

In the first place, you may feel that the generated matches that you have added to your offers are not favorable deals.

If your item was initially valued lower, you may choose to increase the incentives you are offering.

As an alternative, you may ask the other party to add cash incentives to the current agreement in order to meet your valuation.

Another alternative is that you could ask the other party to reduce the additional cash difference by adding an amount to your product offering.

Edit offer Obodo app screenshot

2.3. Chat

The barter trade chat screen also allows users to handle negotiations or further inquiries.

The Edit dialog allows users to enter a differing amount from the default evaluation.

As stated above, the valuations set by each barter of their item are taken into consideration when generating matches. 

Inside the Chat screen, users can observe the dates of chats, the current status of the deal

  • Offer Sent
  • Deal Rejected,
  • Deal Accepted

In the case of a Sent Offer, the button will have a label of “Cancel”. This cancel button will enable users to cancel deals. 

If offer has been rejected, as in this case of this figure, an Offer Again button will appear at the top of the chat.

Clicking on it, allows the user to submit another offer for the product. 

If the deal has been accepted, a hint text of Congrats on Your deal would be displayed.

chat screen of Obodo app

2.4. Responding to Offers

respond to deal app screenshot

In Offers tab, when another party sends an offers, it appears with “Response” button.

Clicking on Response button opens up a “Response to Finish deal” dialog.

This dialog has 3 options

  • Reject 
  • Edit & Send New Request 
  • Accept Deal

Choosing this option rejects the deal outright.

Edit & Send New Request

Edit & Send New Request opens the edit dialog, allowing you to add or reduce cash incentives.

Accept Deal

As soon as you accept a deal, it is removed from public searches and timelines.

The accepted deal is then listed in Barter list awaiting confirmation that you have exchanged goods with the other user, which is indicated by clicking Finish deal, moving the barter item to Barter History.

As we have come to the conclusion of our guide on using Obodo App you are now well equipped to create barter posts and finding barter trades today. 

For further inquiries on the working of Obodo. Contact Us here. 

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