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About Obodo

Get to know the new application by Obodo FZ LLC.

  • Obodo is a community of people, and we’re driven by the users. Powered by artificial intelligence, we bring your wants to life by connecting you with people who have trade openings.
  • In essence bartering involves the provision of one good or service by one party in return for another good or service from another party.
  • The application offers services to its customers by providing a platform for people to upload items and giving the ability to customers to barter buy and sell items.
  • The application attracts all age groups since there are variety of products to choose from for bartering or selling. We offer unique AI search feature and matching for your search and products that makes it easy for you to select products.
  • Apart from selling unwanted items OBODO provides a marketplace for job seekers and job offers. The application has attractive user-friendly feature and can be easily used by all age groups.

Obodo: The Emerging Future of Trade


OBODO’s Barter app makes it easy for you to get more for less. With a wide variety of products and a quick search option, you can trade effortlessly with anyone and still find exactly what you want.


We specialize in connecting buyers and sellers. The app features a variety of products that people can barter to get what they want. It also includes an easy-to-use matching feature to ensure customer satisfaction.

OBODO provides an online marketplace plus a classified ads section where you can buy or sell your unused items. It’s user-friendly for all ages, with attractive features that make it easy for everyone to use.


Listing items on the app is simple. Simply take some good quality photos of your product and upload them to the app. That’s it!

Decide on an item you would like to barter and send your deal. Once it has been accepted, you can trade that item, or sell it and make money.

Search for products nearby or find items you’re interested in.


Obodo is a barter trade and buy-and-sell platform with a range of product listings. It connects sellers, traders, and buyers to help them list products for sale, find matches for barter trades and more. What are you waiting for? Download our app today!