Dubai Shopping on a Budget – The Best of Dubai Shopping

Dubai has many attractions, of which its shopping is one. For some, the extravagantly high prices at malls and brand stores may be disheartening; however, do not be discouraged. Check out these great bargain finds on branded clothing, footwear and accessories or second-hand items – you won’t break the bank! Here’s a list of the … Read more

The Best 10 Places To Buy & Sell Stuff In UAE

image of barter trades and two barterers shaking hands

The ultimate list of all the platforms where you can buy and sell everything from pre-loved designer wear to electronics, cars, and furniture. 10. Your Ex Wardrobe DUBAI – LADIES ONLY With over 7000 active members, women in Dubai can list unwanted clothes, shoes, accessories, and anything else online in this Facebook community and you … Read more

Obodo Shortlisted for Most Innovative Tech Solution of 2022

Obodo Nomination The barter buy and sell marketplace, Obodo, was nominated and shortlisted by Entrepreneur Tech Innovation Awards 2022 for “The most innovative tech solution of the year” and covered by Entrepreneur.com, with an average monthly traffic of over 12 million unique visitors and a yearly traffic of 100 million unique visitors. While we did … Read more

The Greatest Corporate Barter Trade Ever: $3 Billion!

Pepsi and vodka swap image in article, "The Biggest Barter Trade Ever: $3 billion"

Understanding Corporate Barter A corporate barter involves a business exchanging goods and services with another business. This can be underperforming services, unused inventories, or real estate that the business owns. During the last 20 years, barter exchanges have become more popular as business owners look for new ways to increase revenue and clients. The PepsiCo … Read more

The 5 Surprising but Proven Benefits of Corporate Bartering

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Understanding Corporate Barter Businesses have always sought ways to reduce expenses. Seventy-five percent of small business feel unchanged over the past five years despite the recovering economy and increased revenues from other revenue streams. Due to concerns about cash, payment terms, attracting better talent thus the need for new avenues to save money. For small … Read more


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