Obodo Shortlisted for Most Innovative Tech Solution of 2022

Obodo Nomination The barter buy and sell marketplace, Obodo, was nominated and shortlisted by Entrepreneur Tech Innovation Awards 2022 for “The most innovative tech solution of the year” and covered by Entrepreneur.com, with an average monthly traffic of over 12 million unique visitors and a yearly traffic of 100 million unique visitors. While we did … Read more

The Greatest Corporate Barter Trade Ever: $3 Billion!

Pepsi and vodka swap image in article, "The Biggest Barter Trade Ever: $3 billion"

Understanding Corporate Barter A corporate barter involves a business exchanging goods and services with another business. This can be underperforming services, unused inventories, or real estate that the business owns. During the last 20 years, barter exchanges have become more popular as business owners look for new ways to increase revenue and clients. The PepsiCo … Read more

The 5 Surprising but Proven Benefits of Corporate Bartering

Design Image of Corporate Barter used as a feature image in 5 Surprising but Proven Benefits of Corporate Barter Article.

Understanding Corporate Barter Businesses have always sought ways to reduce expenses. Seventy-five percent of small business feel unchanged over the past five years despite the recovering economy and increased revenues from other revenue streams. Due to concerns about cash, payment terms, attracting better talent thus the need for new avenues to save money. For small … Read more

Bartering: The 6 Outstanding Benefits & 5 Reasons of Concern


Pros and Cons of Bartering Historically, bartering has been around since ancient times. Before the use of currency, people could only purchase goods and services through barter trade. However, does it still work for small businesses today? A barter system involves exchanging goods and services without involving cash transactions. One company gives up ownership of … Read more

The Future of Currency: Barter vs Currency System

Future of Barter vs Currency System

The idea of a world without currency is hard to imagine, considering how much we rely on it. Money is used to buy goods and services, so it’s almost taken for granted that this is how the world works.  No one invented money until recently. Before that, traders used a system called barter. With barter, … Read more

The Story Of Dubizzle And The Rise Of Classifieds

Dubizzle Article Feature Image

Dubizzle is a free, online classified website that allows business owners to buy and sell at the same time or find potential customers around the world.  As one of the top websites in the world, Dubizzle handles thousands of organic visitors daily. And, despite being at the top in terms of popularity, it was once … Read more


Obodo is a barter trade and buy-and-sell platform with a range of product listings. It connects sellers, traders, and buyers to help them list products for sale, find matches for barter trades and more. What are you waiting for? Download our app today!